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Recent News
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3/28:Leon posts his 25 button cellphone-like MD portable fantasy.
Stephen Roux notes that the '00 Cadillac Seville has a MiniDisc option for $300. Oddly, they drop the CD player to make room for it.
Ethics questions aside, Shade finds a way to bring home the latest music.
T-station spots a Japanese page for Sharp's headphone-shaped ATRAC3 player. Incorporating an SDMI compliant 64MB Sony Memory Stick, two hour playing times (at 66kbps) are possible. Battery life: 4 hours, MSRP: JPY48,000.
3/25:Superfi UK posts brief info about Sony's MDS-JE440 and MDS-JE640 decks, both with ATRAC Ver 1.0 Type R.
Daniel Kouvo kindly offers several cool MD uses and tips.
Johan Kurka scans a German ad for the Orion MDC-201 (337KB), appearing very similar to the Goodmans 901CMD.
Mark J. Linkhorst opens MDlink, offering SCMS-free duplication services to professionals as well as MD equipment and blanks.