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Display Messages

The following table explains the various messages that appear in the display.

Message Meaning
Blank Disc A new (blank) or erased MD has been inserted.
Cannot Copy An attempt was made to make a second copy from a digitally dubbed MD (see page 37).
Cannot EDIT An attempt was made to edit the MD during Program or Shuffle Play.
Disc Error The MD is scratched or missing a TOC. Erase all tracks on a new recordable MD before use (see "Erasing all tracks on an MD" on page 27).
Disc Full The MD is full (see "System Limitations" on this page).
Impossible An attempt was made to combine tracks while playing back the first track. An attempt was made to specify point B before point A for the "A-B Erase". Point B can only be specified so that it comes after point A.
Name Full The titling capacity of the MD has reached its limit (about 1,700 characters).
NO DISC There is no MD in the deck.
No Track The inserted MD has a disc title but no tracks.
Protected The inserted MD is record-protected.
Retry The first recording attempt failed due to a disturbance or scratch on the MD, and a second attempt is being made.
Retry Error Due to vibrations to the deck or scratches on the MD, several recording attempts were made but with no success.
Sorry An attempt was made to combine tracks that cannot be combined. An attempt was made to erase a portion of a track that cannot be erased.
The contents recorded by timer have disappeared over time and are not be available for saving to disc, or Program Play could not be activated since the program has disappeared over time.

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System Limitations

The recording system in your MiniDisc deck is radically different from those used in cassette and DAT decks and is characterized by the limitations described below.Note, however, that these limitations are due to the inherent nature of the MD recording system itself and not to mechanical causes.

"Disc Full" lights up even before the MD has reached the maximum recording time (60 or 74 minutes)
When 255 tracks have been recorded on the MD, "Disc Full" lights up regardless of the total recorded time. More than 255 tracks cannot be recorded on the MD. To continue recording, erase unnecessary tracks or use another recordable MD.

"Disc Full" lights up before the maximum number of tracks is reached
Fluctuations in emphasis within tracks are sometimes interpreted as track intervals, incrementing the track count and causing "Disc Full" to light up.

The remaining recording time does not increase even after erasing numerous short tracks
Tracks under 12 seconds in length are not counted and so erasing them may not lead to an increase in the recording time.

Some tracks cannot be combined with others
Track combination may become impossible when tracks are edited.

The total recorded time and the remaining time on the MD may not total the maximum recording time (60 or 74 minutes)
Recording is done in minimum units of 2 seconds each, no matter how short the material. The contents recorded may thus be shorter than the maximum recording capacity. Disc space may also be further reduced by scratches.

Tracks created through editing may exhibit sound dropout during search operations.

Track numbers are not recorded correctly
Incorrect assignment or recording of track numbers may result (1) when CD tracks are divided into several smaller tracks during digital recording, or (2) while recording certain CDs with the "LEVEL-SYNC" indication on (i.e., the automatic track marking function on).

'TOC Reading" appears for a long time
If the inserted recordable MD is brand new, "TOC Reading" appears in the display longer than for MDs that have been used.

Limitations when recording over an existing track

The correct recorded/playing time may not be displayed during playback of monaural-format MDs.

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If you experience any of the following difficulties while using the deck, use this troubleshooting guide to help you remedy the problem.Should any problem persist, consult your nearest Sony dealer.

The deck does not operate or operates poorly.

The deck does not play back. The deck does not record.
The deck does not work during synchro-recording using the supplied remote.
The sound has a lot of static.
If the deck does not operate properly even after you've attempted the prescribed remedies, turn off the power, then reinsert the plug into the power outlet.

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System MiniDise digital audio system
Disc MiniDise
Laser Semiconductor laser 780 nm)
Emission duration: continuous
Laser output Less than 44.6 W*
*This output is the value measured at a distance of 200 mm from the objective lens surface on the Optical Pick-up
Block with 7 mm aperture.
Laser diode properties Material: CaAlAs
Revolutions (CLV) 400 rpm to 900 rpm
Error correction Advanced Cross Interleave Reed
Solomon Code (ACIRC)
Sampling frequency 44.1 kHz
Coding Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding
Modulation system EFM (Eight-to-Fourteen Modulation)
Number of channels 2 stereo channels
Frequency response 5 to 20,000 Hz 0.3 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio Over 100 dB during playback
Wow and flutter Below measurable limit

Jack type Input impedance Rated input Minimum input
LINE (ANALOG) IN Phone jacks 47 kilohms 500 mvrms 125 mvrms
DIGITAL OPTICAL IN1 Square optical connector jack Optical wave length: 660 nm - -
DIGITAL OPTICAL IN2 Square optical connector jack Optical wave length: 660 nm - -
DIGITAL COAXIAL IN Phono jack 75 ohms 0.5 Vp-p, 20% -

Jack type Rated output Load impedance
PHONES Stereo phone jack 10 mW 32 ohms
LINE (ANALOG) OUT Phono jacks 2 Vrms (at 50 kilohms) Over 10 kilohms
DIGITAL OPTICAL OUT Square optical connector jack -18 dBm Optical wave length: 660 nm


Power requirements

Where purchased     Power requirements
Continental Europe     220 - 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
UK    220 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Canada    120 V AC, 60 Hz

Power consumption   17W
Dimensions (approx.) (w/h/d) incl. projecting parts
430 x 107.5 x 315 mm
(1 7 x 4 1/4 X 12 1/2 in.)
Mass (approx.)    4.4 kg (9 Ibs 11 oz)
Supplied accessories    See page 4.
Optional accessories
Optical cable: POC-15A
Coaxial digital connecting cable: VMC-10G
2P (mono) mini-plug cord: RK-G69HG
Recordable MDs: MDW-60 (60 min), MDW-74 (74 min)

U.S. and foreign patents licensed from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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