Pioneer MEH-P7150

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Pioneer MEH-P7150in-dash MD car unit
Intro: 9/2001

IN: Auxiliary Input capable via CD-RB20
OUT: RCA preout, selectable RCA preout/subwoofer out

Features: (text in italics indicate new features over the MEH-P5150 model) Pop-up Rotary Volume Control, EEQ (Easy Equalizer) with 6 modes (5 factory + 1 user), Direct Subwoofer Drive from Rear Spk Out, 2-Way Crossover (HPF/LPF) within EEQ, 3-Band Parametric Equalizer within EEQ, Selectable Loudness Control, Electronic Audio Controls (Vol/Bal/Fader), Selectable FIE (Front Image Enhancer), Spectrum Analyzer, SLA (Source Level Adjuster), "Hi-Volt" 4V Preout Levels, Cellular Mute. MiniDisc: 18-bit DAC (Digital Analogue Converter), Track Scan / Manual Search, Random Play, Repeat, Title Display with Scroll Function, Pause. Multiplay CD Control: Repeat Play, CD Pause, Track Scan, Random Play (Disc / Magazine), CD Text Display with Title Scroll, ITS (Instant Track Selection), Disc Title Memory with List function, Digital Compression selection on MCD. SuperTuner: Supertuner III Quartz-PLL tuner, Control for DAB outboard tuner (Digital Audio Broadcasting), Automatic Seek (Up / Down), 24-station 6 preset buttons, 18 FM and 6 AM presets, BSM (Best Stations Memory), Built-in PNS (Pulse Noise Suppressor), Selectable Local / DX, Selectable Local Seek Sensitivity, 9kHz / 10kHz switching. Other Features: OEL (Organic ElectroLuminescent) 128 x 33 Pixel Display 15-step Brightness Control Multi-key IR Remote Control Flap-type DFS (Detachable Face Security) DFS Carry Case included DFS Alarm Source TV Control Voice Control Capability via CD-VC65 Detachable Face Reminder Beep Operation Beep Tone Clock System / auto antenna relay control Front or rear mounting options Toyota/Nissan factory mounting holes

Links: Pioneer's official Australian page for the MEH-P7150.

Specs: 45 Watts x 4 high power output.


User Manual: MEH-P7150

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