Sharp MD-SS301/SS302/SS401

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Sharp MD-SS301
Sharp MD-SS302
Sharp MD-SS401
Sharp MD-SS301
Sharp MD-SS302
Sharp MD-SS401
Portable MD players,
Intro: 8/1997
MSRP ¥37,000/ 38,000/ 39,000
Headphones, DC in: 1.5V(AA), 3.6V(LiIon), 4.5V(car), 5V(AC)81x24x78, ss301/401: 160g (184g pocket), ss302: 162g (186g pocket)

Features: MD ``Jacket'' size slot-in players. Sharp ATRAC 5. New 1 chip LSI incorporating the [digitalized] RF section, signal processing encoder/decoder, digital servo, EFM processing and audio compression/decompression circuitry. The SS301, SS302 and SS401 have LCD equipped remotes but no LCD on the main body. The SS302 has an ``outdoor sports'' look. Coupled with Sharp bookshelf systems, provides ``MD->MD edit'', meaning text and audio can be copied. 6 hours playback on rectangular LiIon battery pack, or 4 hours on a single AA cell (using included case), or 10 hours on both together. 10 second shock memory. Random, all repeat, 1 repeat play modes. Includes backlit LCD remote, headphones, LiIon rechargeable, AC adapter, AA case (not included on US models, available separately for $20), carrying case. SS301 available in silver, yellow, and blue, SS302 and 401 in gray only.

Links: Sharp's pictures and Japanese information. Sharp's English page for their these portables. A user's review of the Sharp SS302. MiniDisc-Canada offers the hard-to-find Sharp external drycell case for the MD-MS70x and MD-S301 portables.

Specs: 20-20kHz +/-3dB, wow & flutter <.001% peak


User Manual: MD-SS301

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