Sharp MD-ST800

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Sharp MD-ST800portable MDLP player
Intro: 7/2002
OUT: headphones, DC IN: 1.2v (NiMH), 1.5v (AA, AD-CA55x car adapter), 5v (AC adapter)74.3w x 16.9h x 80.5d mm, 100g w/batt (75g body only)

Features: MDLP and group mode support. Includes Dolby headphone system that mimics acoustics of speakers in various settings: "Studio", "Live", "Dome" (enjoyment factor unknown). Blinking LED indicates SP/LP2/LP4 playback mode. Recharging stand. Various playback modes include "intro play" (plays 5 seconds of each track), random, random-repeat, all-track/1-track repeat. Available in silver, blue and grey.

Included Accessories: LCD remote, Recharging stand, Headphones, Carrying case, NiMH rechargeable cell, AC adapter, attachable AA battery pack, Manual


Specs: Headphone Amp: 5mW+5mW (32 ohms), Freq. Response: 20-20,000Hz (+/-3dB)


Battery life (LED off, VOL: 15)PlayRecharge
NiMH28/36/48 hr3.5 hr in stand
AA x 145/65/85 hr
Both80/110/140 hr

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