Sharp MD-ST531/ST631

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MD-ST531 and MD-ST631
Pioneer PMD-MK1
Sharp MD-ST531
Sharp MD-ST631
portable MD player
Intro: 9/1999
531: ¥35,000
631: ¥38,000
headphone out71.7 x 14.2 x 79.5mm, 115g (w/batt)

Features: Docking station for recharging unit's battery. MD-ST631 comes with Kanji capable remote and is first MD player with Kanji title display. Lithium-Ion battery, "MD Jacket size", 40 second shock protection, hand strap.

Included Accesories: LCD remote, headphones, LiIon cell, AC adapter, recharging stand, handstrap, dry cell case, carrying case, manual, warranty

Links: Sharp's Japanese page for these units. The MiniDisc T-Station has a review for Pioneer's PMD-MK1 portable MD player (a clone of the Sharp MD-ST531). The Korean MiniDisc page posts several Sharp MD-ST531 snapshots.

Specs: DC 3.6V Attached lithium ion, DC 3.3V Attached dry battery case, DC 4.5V Optional car power supply adaptor, DC 5.0V Attachment AC adaptor.


Battery LifePlayRecharge
LiIon AD-T51BT27 hrs3.5 hrs
AA x 125 hrs
Both52 hrs

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