Sharp MD-ST70

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Sharp MD-ST70portable MD player
Intro: 2/2001

OUT: headphones74.3mm W x 16.0mm H x 80.0 D, 111g

Features: MDLP compatible, with the long play mode indicated with colorful illuminated LEDs on unit body. Battery is recharged when unit is placed in charge stand. 160 second shock protection (in LP4 mode). "Song Intro" function plays five seconds of every track on the disc to help in finding a song. X-BASS low frequency boost. Available in blue, silver, pink, yellow, and cobalt. Hand strap attached to unit for easier and safter carrying.

Links: Sharp's official Japanese page for the MD-ST70. Another Japanese Sharp page outlines the specifications for hte MD-ST70. T's MiniDisc Comparison Tables list the MD-ST70's specs. The T-Station has a page for the MD-ST70.

Specs: 100V AC, 5V DC. (playback column lists Stereo/LP2/LP4 battery life times)


Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH21/28/33 hr3.5 hr
AA x 133/46/50 hr
Both62/80/100 hr

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