Sony DKR-700

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RM-C700 remote
Mayorella leidyi vesicular nucleus (typical image recorded with this device)
Sony DKR-700Digital Still Image Recorder
Intro: 1/1996
MSRP: ¥ 450,000
Input/output: analog (S-Video, RGB, Y/C, Composite), digital (SCSI), rs-232, remote control port, Flash (mini-jack)211 x 128.5 x 385.4mm, 7kg

Features: The DKR-700/2 digitally captures, records and stores color and B&W images from a variety of analog sources, then displays these images at high resolution and color/greyscale depth. Images are conveniently stored on a standard Sony 2.5" (140 MB) magneto-optical type MD DATA disc, and may be retrieved either directly by the DKR-700/2 for review on a standard analog monitor, or by a PC running Arcsoft Photostudiodiscs , Adobediscs Photoshopdiscs , or similar application for viewing on a computer display. Depending on the compression mode selected, the DKR-700/2 can digitally store and play back from 100 to 1000 still images on a standard NTSC monitor.

  • High quality digital recording: 500 TV Lines, quasi-perfect colour reproduction (bandwidth: 3 MHz), excellent signal/noise ratio (S/N: 50 dB), image size: 768 x576 pixels.
  • Storage capacity of 100 to 1000 images per MD Data Mini-Disc depending on the compression mode selected: 100 images in uncompressed TIF ("Fine"), 500 images in JPEG 5:1, 700 images in JPEG 8:1, 1000 images in Sony's "MD Picture" format.
  • Mini-Disc capacity: 140 MBytes, rewritable.
  • Seek time: very fast, less than 0.5 seconds.
  • Recording time: 2 to 12 seconds, depending on JPEG compression mode.
  • Input/Output: analog (RGB, Y/C, Composite) or digital (SCSI).
  • Built-in A/D and D/A converters.
  • Fully compatible with other Mini-Disc computer peripherals.
  • Buit-in 25-image split-picture reader mode.
  • External controls: RS-232 serial-port, foot pedal FS-20, remote control RMC-700.
  • Conforms to IEC-601.1 and CE-Mark medical standards.
  • Camera control modes: Camera 1: Slow-shutter-trigger, Camera 2: REC-control
  • An optional external strobe sensor, when combined with a video camera such as Sony's DXC-950, makes the recorder a useful tool for proofing and cataloging digital versions of studio film exposures.



User Manual: DKR-700

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