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Sony DCM-M1MD Data2 Camcorder
Intro: 11/1999
Composite video, Ethernet

Features: Camcorder employing MD Data2 discs (650MB variant of original 140MB MiniDisc) to store up to 20 minutes of MPEG2 video (10 minutes in HiQuality mode) as well as still photographs. Editing and video clip assembly can be done in-camera without the use of a PC or workstation. Stylus-touch sensitive backlit LCD panel displays thumbnails of opening scenes, scenes can be spliced together with fade-in and fade-out. Built-in Ethernet port allows camera to be controlled via TCP/IP using a web browser. Unit was shown in Prototype form at IFA'99 (International Consumer Electronics Exhibition), Berlin. [From the Newsbytes coversage: Sony is said to be starting a wireless Internet service. When this happens, since the Discam itself will be accessible from the net, it will be possible to send images to people far away. With this camera pictures of children could be viewed with a WebTV terminal by Grandparents. Size is somewhat bigger than the small, already available handy DV camcorders.]


Specs: MD Data2 data rates: read: 9.6Mbps, write: 4.7Mbps Laser wavelength: MD2: 650nm, (cf. normal MD: 780nm).

User Comments: I had a chance to use the SONY MD Digital Camcorder DCMM1 in high-detail at the CES 2000 show in Las Vegas. This is truly a work of art in the optical-disk-based video recording environment. The only other camera out there is the NEC disk-cam costing almost 20 thousand dollars!! Panasonic will be releasing a few DVD-RW Video-Cameras but they will most-likely be close to 3-5k. Although the camera could use a bit more storage time on the ten (10) minute disk (high quality mode is the only acceptable option), the ability to record in this fashion is truly State-of-the-art. You are essentially burning an optical DISC at 4x speeds on a MOVING piece of equipment. Any computer GEEK knows that this is INCREDIBLE! Another awesome feature of this camera which is seldom mentioned is that the AC adapter comes with an Ethernet jack which plugs directly into this unit allowing you to set up an INSTANT web-site to publish your goodies. AWESOME!! In terms of camera feel and ruggedness, the casing is very high-quality using Sony's award winning magnesium quality external case-molding techniques. I love this toy but the PRICE has to seriously come down to about $1500-1800 before I'll touch it. Considering the technology, it is very much worth the price tag now, but I can get MUCH better resolution and functional-options from a MiniDV for about 600 bucks from JVC or ironically, SONY. SONY.. DROP YOUR PRICES and add an IEEE 1394 PORT !!!! Are you listening!? -Fabian La Maestra


User Manuals: DCM-M1guide, DCM-M1

Service Manuals: DCM-M1, DCM-M1

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