Sony DPA-1

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Sony DPA-1Digital Picture Album
Intro: 11/1996
MSRP ¥118,000
comm adapter (mini DIN8), image input (pin jack x 2), image output (pin jack), svideo i/o (4 pin mini DIN jack), audio i/o (pin jack), mic input (stereo minijack), headphones274x242x65mm, 2.3Kg

Features: Picture MD editing deck that records still images from video, S-video and cordless IR inputs, allows you to add audio clips and compile them into albums, then displays them on a TV or through cordless IR to a Sony video printer. It can also be used as a normal Audio MD recording and playback deck (using audio MDs), but has no digital audio connectors. Playback modes: Album at a time, picture at a time, slide show (with/without sound, with/without comments).

Links: Sony's Japanese page for the unit, includes a nice illustration of how it's connected to other equipment.

Specs: IR interface: IrDA 1.152Mbps. Image output format: NTSC. Pixel count: 640x480. Audio freq. response: 20-20KHz +/-2dB. Image compression: JPEG.


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