Sharp MD-MT50/SR50/SR60/SR70/SR75

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MD-SR60 (1716x1674)
Sharp MD-SR50
Sharp MD-MT50
Sharp MD-SR60
Sharp MD-SR70
Sharp MD-SR75
portable MD recorder
Intro: 2/2000
IN: mic, optical/line. OUT: headphone/line.99.9 x 22.9 x 77.9mm, 191g w/batt

Features: Recorder operates on either a single alkaline or rechargeable AA cell. No LCD on remote. Available in silver or blue.

Variants: MD-SR50: no remote MD-SR60: non-LCD remote (same unit as SR70?) MD-SR70: non-LCD remote MD-SR75: backlit LCD remote


User comments: The SR60 appears to exhibit behavior similar to the Sharp MD-MS702 when recording from the mic input, in that a short silence will be recorded when the recording level is adjusted between position 20 and 21 on the 30-point level scale. This pause occurs when both increasing and decreasing the recording level past this point. -J. Kwon

Links: Sharp's Japanese page (also available in English) and press release for this unit. Sharp's specs for the SR50/70/75 (they're all basically the same unit with variations in their accessories). Superfi (UK) has pictures of Sharp's MD-SR50 and MD-SR60 (the former sans remote), both apparently identical to the MD-MT50. Sharp MD-MT50 variants in New Zealand: the MD-SR50W (no remote), and the MD-SR70W (slight case variation, w/remote and headphones, of a sort). A Sharp Japanese page lists the MD-SR50, MD-SR70, and MD-SR75, as well as a statistics page showing that all three units are identical (though the SR75 reportedly comes with a backlit remote) and are simply meant for different world markets.

Entering Service Mode: (Beware of the dangers of attempting this!) You can enter test mode on an MD-SR60 (an MT50 variant) by holding the following keys simultaneously: 'disp', 'bass', and 'enter' and then 'play'. -Shiv Naimpally, January 2001

Specs: 10mW headphone output.

User Manuals: MD-SR50, MD-SR60, MD-SR75

Service Manuals: MD-SR50, MD-SR70

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
NiMH (AA cell shaped)6.5 hr4.5 hr3.5 hr
AA x 17 hr3 hr
Energizer Lithium AA x 11 0 hr7 hr

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