Sony MZ-G755

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Sony MZ-G755Portable MDLP recorder w/AM/FM tuner
Intro: 5/2002
Street: £165
IN: line/optical, mic, OUT: headphones, DC IN: 3V81 x 28 x 74.4mm, 144g w/batt

Features: MDLP capable, ATRAC DSP Type-R. Remote has built-in AM/FM tuner with 40 presets. No NetMD support. Differences from Sony MZ-G750: ATRAC DSP Type-R, (... and ?).

Manufacturer's Specs:

  • Built in tuner remote comtroller
  • Digital FM/AM tuner with 40 pre-sets (35 FM/5 AM)
  • G-Protection Jog Proof
  • MDLP
  • ATRAC TYPE-R DSP for high quality
  • 4-position control key on the unit for ease of use
  • Digital Mega Bass
  • Up to 48 hours battery life
  • 1 x AA sized battery goes inside the unit (battery not supplied)
  • Digital recording level control
  • Pop Up eject

Accessories: Euro-model: Remote control with built-in AM/FM tuner, headphones, NiCd rechargeable battery, AC power adapter/charger, TOSlink to 3.5mm mini jack optical cable, carrying pouch with belt clip

Available From:


User Manual: MZ-G755

Service Manual: MZ-G755

Battery LifePlayRecordRadio
Alkaline AA x 136/42/56 hr9/13/16 hr28.5 hr
NiCd (NC-WMAA) x 111.5/14/16 hr4/6/7.5 hr9.5 hr

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