Sony MZ-R70

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Sony MZ-R70Portable MD Recorder
Intro: 1/2000
IN: mic, optical/line. OUT: headphones/line (x2). DC IN: 3.0V81x26.2x74mm, 115g (155 w/batt & MD)

Features: Cost reduced Sony recorder of ca. MZ-R90 generation but with non-LCD remote (RM-MZ3R), no jog dial, no joint-text (i.e. CD->MD track name copy), and no date/time stamp recording, no microphone sensitivity switch. Includes digital rec level control, 40 second shock memory, pop-open eject. Unit accepts one AA cell internally. Colors: silver, blue, black.

Comments: Unit is relatively thin except for the round hump on the back to allow room for the drycell battery. MZ-R90 LCD remote will operate properly with this unit (including backlight function).

Variants: MZ-R70PC version comes packed with a (Sony badged) Xitel MDPort-AN1 USB to analog audio converter. A Sony press release describes the MZ-R70DPC in more detail. A downbeat MacNN article that expressed disappointment at Sony's apparent lack of Macintosh support for the MZ-R70DPC (though unofficially supposed through 3rd party drivers) prompted Dale Greer to write the MacNN article's author.

Links: Superfi (UK) has further photos of the unit. Superfi posts zoomable, rotatable scans of this unit. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit. Christian Almind submits a review of the MZ-R70. The December 2000 issue of PC World includes a "Gift Guide" recommending a Sony MZ-R70PC. eTown posts a generally positive review of the Sony MZ-R70PC.


User Manual: MZ-R70

Service Manual: MZ-R70

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
NiCd (NC-WMAA) x 16.5 hr3 hr
AA x 117 hr3 hr

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