Sony MZ-B50

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Sony MZ-B50portable MD recorder
Intro: 10/2000
IN: line/optical, microphone
OUT: headphones
90 x 123.4 x 28mm, 220g

Features: Built-in stereo microphone and speaker, voice-operated recording, track mark button on remote, 1.6x speed playback capability, 40 second anti-shock protection. VOR (voice activated recording) function. "Clear-voice" speech playback enhancement function to ``emphasize the left-right orientation of individual voices, making them easier to distinguish and hear'' (only works on stereo recordings). No End-Search: unit is the first Sony portable since the MZ-1 to be entirely free of manual end-search -- new recordings are always appended to the end of the disc. No manual recording level control, recording levels are always set automatically. Selectable (HIGH/LOW) microphone sensitivity control. Record-start function available on remote.



Specs: 5mW+5mW headphone output.

User Manual: MZ-B50

Service Manual: MZ-B50

Battery LifePlayRecord
AA x 218 hr6 hr

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