Sony MZ-N1

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Sony MZ-N1Portable MDLP recorder with NetMD interface
Intro: 12/2001
IN: line/optical, mic, DC IN: 3V
OUT: headphone/line
I/O: USB (on cradle)
78.7x71.8x16.9mm, 90g (body only)

Features: (First) NetMD equipped portable MD recorder, allows direct PC to MD download (but not upload) of compressed ATRAC audio at up to 30X real-time for LP4 audio (16x for LP2, and ~2x for SP mode audio. MDLP. ATRAC Type-R. (System Controller/ATRAC DSP IC: CXD2677-202GA) Docking cradle provides USB port and charging function. New stick controller with Kanji (Chinese character) display. 3 line LCD on main body. Magnesium case. G-protection. Group function. USB interface can be used for titling, limited editing, and control of the unit from a PC. Selectable microphone sensitivity (HIGH/LOW). "Ultimate Skip-Free G-Protection Technology" (Sony's 3rd generation shock recovery system that combines a lighter servo mechanism and improved electronic circuitry. Adds shock protection to the pick-up mechanism, thereby minimizing the loss of position. It continues to provide quick recovery from both horizontal and vertical shock.)

Software: PC download application is Open MG Jukebox 2.2, and allows CD, WAV, and MP3 tracks, as well as music purchased on the Internet to be downloaded to MD (being converted to ATRAC in the process, as necessary). OpenMG system will ensure that a bonafide NetMD recorder is connected before allowing a transfer, and will prevent ATRAC audio files created on one PC from being played, downloaded or used on a different PC. Open MG Jukebox is SDMI compliant and allows up to 3 track 'check-outs' from PC to MD, tracks can subsequently be 'checked-in', deleting them from the MD. (Check-in transfers the track "rights" back to the PC, but not the audio).

Included Accessories: Backlit remote, headphones, USB cradle, USB cable (1.5m), OpenMG Jukebox V2.2 CD-ROM, AC adapter, rechargeable NiMH cell, battery carrying case, external dry-cell adapter case, carrying pouch.

User Comments: Front panel rocker-control has poor ergonomics. -eaw


  • The Japanese MZ-N1 comes with software that installs an English version if an English language version of Windows is running, however the installer and help file is in Japanese.
  • Though the MZ-N1 can display Kanji titles on its remote, it only writes Kanji titles to MD with the Japanese version of the software.
  • The US MZ-N1 comes with the same remote as the MZ-R900 (RM-MC11EL/S).
  • The US version does NOT include the carrying pouch (the soft cloth bag) that is shown in Brian Youn's review of a Japanese unit. The manual, which lists all of the equipment and accessories included, does not mention a carrying case either. -Haemish Edgerton



User Manuals: MZ-N1, German

Service Manuals: MZ-N1, 1.4, MZ-N1

Battery Life (SP/LP2/LP4)PlayRecordRecharge
30/38/42 hr12/17/21 hr6h cradle, 3.5 hr direct)
AA x 145/52/62 hr12/19/23 hr
Both79/95/110 hr30/43/52 hr

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