Sony MZ-NE810

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Sony MZ-NE810portable NetMD downloader
Intro: 06/2003
Data: USB. Out: headphones
No line or microphone input!
73.3w x 14.8d x 79.8h mm, 82g (body only)


  • Pressing "Download" button on unit automatically rips and downloads CD tracks and titles them with CDDB (when used in conjunction with Simple Burner software operating in "simple mode").
  • NetMD downloader/player -- no live recording capability.
  • ATRAC DSP Type-S (though not used for recording as all encoding is done on the PC).
  • Digital amplifier
  • Remote displays Roman/Kana/Kanji alphabet
  • Ships with NetMD Simple Burner (a first for Japanese NetMD units?)



User Manual: MZ-NE810

Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH28/36/40 hr3.5 hr
AA x 1
Both74/92/106 hr

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