Kenwood DMC-F3


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Sharp MD-S50
Kenwood DMC-F3
portable player
Intro: 3/1996
msrp: ¥37,000 street: ¥~30,000
out: hdphn.74x17.9x106mm, 150g w/bat.

Features: All digital processing done on one chip to reduce power by 35% over previous model. Large LCD display on remote. Katakana/roman display. 3 step digital bass boost. Repeat and random play. Playback time: 4 hours on included lithium ion rechargeable (AD-S50BT), 10 hours on 3 alkalines (with optional AD-S50BC drycell case). 4 step "battery life" indicator. Comes in three colors. Has a big window on the lid so you can see the color of the MD case (and maybe the MD spinning if it's in a clear case?).

Links: Sharp Press Release Sharp Japan page for this unit. A user's review of the S50 unit. Excerpts from a What HiFi article mention the Sharp MD-S50.


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