Kenwood DMC-G3

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Kenwood DMC-G3Portable player
Intro: 3/1997
MSRP: ¥33,000
Street: ¥24,000
out: headphone, remote, ext. pwr: 5.1V (odd)112.6x23.2x77.9mm, 171g w/ batt.

Features: ATRAC 3.5 (CXD2536CR), sound quality reportedly among the best of the MD players. EL-Backlit LCD remote displays: up to 6 characters of title information, volume setting, remaining battery, repeat mode (1/all), as well as animated "running indicator" of spinning disc in 3D perspective. Remote uses shift key to reduce remote button count, for example: volume and display controls use the same keys. Normal stereo mini-jack for headphones (like the Sharp units). Battery life: 9.5 hours continuous playback on Lithium Ion rechargeable, 20 hours when combined with 3 alkaline cells (using separately available drycell case). 3 step digital bass boost. Unusual double jack for headphone/remote. Batteries charge in unit when connected to AC adapter. Uses Kenwood NB-L9, which is apparently OEM of Sony LIP-12 battery. Available in black or silver accent colors (case is silver). No English summary in operating manual. Unit is unique to Kenwood.

Precaution: Manual states: ``This unit is designed for domestic use only, and it is very dangerous to use the attached AC adapter abroad. Never use it outside of Japan.'' (However, if you have some other way to charge an LIP-12 (using an MZ-R2, MZ-R30, etc), then no problem).

Misfeatures: No shuffle play mode.

Links: Kenwood Japan's Page.

Availability: Nic Boyde and Sawada Denki sell this unit.


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