Kenwood DMC-Q33

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Kenwood DMC-Q33portable MDLP player
Intro: 10/2002
OUT: headphones72.3w x 14.4h x 78.0d mm (outer dim: 74.0x15.7x78.6mm), 64.3g (88.3g w/batt)

Features: MDLP and group function support. Charging stand (without speakers). "D-Class" (digital) amplifier employed in DMC-"Q" series units (a full digitization of the audio circuit) reduces distortion and decreases power consumption. "D.P.A.C. (digital pulse axis control) function incorporated for high quality audio playback." Alarm timer (1-120 minutes), useful for avoiding missed train stops. Sleep timer (1-120 minutes), turns unit off automatically. Repeat, shuffle and intro play modes. "A-B" repeat allows reptition of audio sections up to 40 seconds long (handy for language learning, etc). Backlit LCD remote has 2 lines for displaying [track number and playback time] [disk name] [track name] [group name] [KENWOOD] [playback mode] in various combinations. Selectable (on/off) beep. Differences from DMC-Q55: no Digtal 3D effect, no Kanji support on remote, one type of headphone (earbuds).


Included Accessories: LCD remote and clip, attachable AA cell holder, NiMH rechargeable battery (w/carrying case), headphones, charge stand, AC adapter, carrying pouch.

Specs: Headphone amp: 4.3mW+4.3mW (into 16 ohms), Charge stand amp: 35mW+35mW (into 6 ohms)


Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH36/52/57 hr100%: 2h30m. 3 hours of SP mode playback: 30m
AA x 158/83/91 hr
Both100/144/158 hr

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