Kenwood DMC-G5

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Sharp MD-ST60
Kenwood DMC-G5
portable player
Intro: 12/1996
headphone, ext. power100x13.8x73mm (2.86x0.54x3.9"), 120g (4.2oz) w/bat.

Features: Allows "MD->MD Edit" function (as does SS70) when coupled with Sharp's MD deck (XV300 or XL10) via a special cable (AD-M4AC). The cable connects like the LCD remote headphones of an MD player, carrying the analog audio signal as well as the data displayed on the LCD. Thus, audio analog copy and title copy are done at the same time. 3 postion digital bass boost. 4 step battery life indicator. Random play. Auto play function starts playback when disc is inserted. Car adapter (AD-S50CK - separately sold) resumes play at beginning of last song in play when car is started. Katakana/roman display. Unit charges simply by placing in recharger base (like a portable phone). Provides 5 hours playback on LiIon rechargeable (AD-ST60BT), 13 hours on [separately sold] external battery case (AD-ST60BC) carrying four alkaline AA cells, 20 hours on both together. Charge time: 2.5 hours. Batteries can be charged while in use w/AC adapter. Available in silver, blue and green. Included accessories: Headphones w/LCD remote (AD-ST60RM), AC adapter, carrying case, rechargeable LiIon battery, manual, recharger base. World power (100-240V) AC adapter (AD-SS70AP) sold separately.

Links: Sharp's English summary page.


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