Sony MDS-303/S35

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Sony MDS-303
Sony MDS-S35
Home MD Deck
Compact MD Deck
Intro: 10/1995 (? guess)
MSRP ¥59,000
MSRP ¥54,000
in: optical, line. out: optical, line, hdphn.
in: optical, line, AV bus. out: optical, line, hdphn.
430 x 97.5 x 292 mm approx 3.6 kg
280 x 82.5 x 286.5 mm, 2.4Kg

Features: ATRAC 3. 96dB s/n, 3 recording modes (auto end search and record from start of blank area, record (overwrite) from song mid-point, record (overwrite) from song start), smart space, multi-jog dial for editing and character input, timer standby. Divide positioning in +/-60ms steps. "Disc in auto power" turns machine on when you put a disc in. 15 segment peak meter. Remote controller: RM-D4M.

Comments: MDS-S35 has minijack for headphones and Sony AV bus for integration with Sony ``Pixy'' systems, MDS-303 has a 1/4" phone jack and no AV bus.

Specs: Freq resp: 5-20kHz+/-0.3dB, S/N: > 96dB, Wow/flutter: less than 0.001% W-Peak.

Links: Sony MDS-303 Japan Page info. Sony MDS-S35 Japan Page info


User Manual: MDS-S35

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