Sony MDS-PC1

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Sony MDS-PC1PC connectable MD deck
Intro: 9/1998 (? guess)
MSRP ¥54,000
in: optical x 2, line. out: optical, line, headphones. control: A1 x 3 (1 front, 2 back)280x90x287mm, 2.8Kg

Features: Jog thumbwheel on unit is reminiscent of the MZ-R30 and MZ-R50 portables. When the included ``MD Editor'' program is installed on a Windows '95 PC or Mac running Kanjitalk 7.1, the computer can be connected to the MD deck and the deck operated via mouse input to a GUI based control program. With this program, titling can be done in Kanji and Hiragana (JIS1&2) to MD sector 4 (vs. MD sector 1 for Roman and Katakana titles), but the deck can only display Roman and Katakana titles. When coupled to a CD player with an A1 control port (e.g. Sony CDP-CX200F, Sony CDP-CE515), program editing can be accomplished via simple drag and drop opertion. Wide bit stream block floating calculation gives 20 bit accuracy dynamic range. Sampling rate converter, 6 second time machine. Usual TOC editing functions plus A-B erase. Included with the PC1 is the PC link kit (PC connection cable, application software CD-ROM) and wireless remote. The PC connection cable converts RS232C to a Sony A1 (S-Link) control signal and is part number CAV-50C. ATRAC 4.5. Unit is the same as the MDS-JB920 internally.

Links: Sony's Japanese press release for this unit. Sony's US MDS-PC1 announcement. Sony's Japanese page for this unit, which includes some interesting screen shots of the GUI editor. Sony's Japanese page for downloading Japanese versions of the MD Editor software that controls MDS-PC1 decks and PCLK-MD1 connected Sony machines. Sony's English specs for the unit.

Specs: 5-20kHz +/-0.3dB. S/N: >96dB


User Manual: MDS-PC1

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