Sony MDS-JE320

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Sony MDS-JE320MD Deck
Intro: 11/1998 (? guess)

IN: line, optical. OUT: line

Features: Cost reduced version of MDS-JE510. Compared to the JE510, it lacks a headphone jack, mono-recording mode, date and time stamp recording, digital optical output and the wireless remote (though front panel IR port is still present so a remote may be purchased separately). Unit is sold in Sony MD BUNDLE 5. Understood to work with RM-D10P/D20P remote. TOC cloning not possible (machine ejects disc when power applied). Unit suffers same self-turn on problem as the MDS-JE510 (see MDS-JE510 entry for repair details and Sony service bulletin).

Links: PCAVTech's Technical Benchmark page for this unit. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit.


User Manual: MDS-JE320

Service Manual: MDS-JE320

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