Sony MDS-JE330/M100/S40/41

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MDS-JE330 (1428x574)
Sony MDS-JE330
Sony MDS-S40/41
Sony MDS-M100
Entry level MD deck
Intro: 6/1999 (? guess)
MSRP $250
IN: line, optical. OUT: line, (no digital out!), (no headphone!)430x95x280mm, 3.5kg

Features: ATRAC 4.5, 20 bit hybrid pulse ADC, 20 bit DAC, 6 second time machine, digital recording level control (deck has no conventional level indicators. During recording the alphanumerical display changes to 11 level indicating segments. No level indication during playback). No stereo/mono rec switch (mono recording set from setup menu). No headphone output. Remote included (was omitted in previous MDS-JE320). TOC-cloning possible.

Notes: The Sony MDS-S40/41 decks have been reported to be identical, except with Sony listing the S41 as having an E1 core transformer. Both units should operate and perform identically.

Links: Sony's MDS-S40 page. Sony's MD Bundle 6 (MDS-JE330 + MZ-E33) has a $50 rebate (pages 1 and 2). (Todd Lynch points out Sony Bundle 6 coverage at Crutchfield.) The Korean MD page posts photos and a Korean language review of the Sony MDS-S40 (MDS-JE330 in alternate packaging).


User Manuals: MDS-S41, MDS-JE330, MDS-M100, MDS-M100, MDS-S40, MDS-S40

Service Manuals: MDS-S41, MDS-S40, MDS-JE330, MDS-M100

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